Eastern Pavilion Boutique Resort

Cherating, Hotel

Eastern Pavilion Boutique Resort Cherating
Eastern Pavilion Boutique Resort is a collection of traditional chalets housed on a lush garden facing the beach and sea at Cherating, about 45km north of Kuantan. Located next to Holiday Villa Beach Resort, of which it shares the same grounds and management, the hotel provides luxury boutique accommodation in these quaint family villas, made from timber and perched on stilts. The villas are available in one and two bedroom units, but all come with a small but private jacuzzi pool along the verandah. Facilities such as swimming pools, conference halls and restaurants are provided next door at Legend Resort, but the hotel does has its own signature spa - Amoaras Relaxation Spa.
    Number of Rooms: 12
  • One Bedroom Villa (King Bed)
  • Two Bedroom Villa (King + Twin Beds).
  • Amoaras Relaxation Spa
  • Wifi Internet access
  • * The hotel provides more facilities at Holiday Villa Cherating next door.
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