Places to Visit


The outskirts of Kuantan provide some unique tourist attractions of nature and culture. Sungai Lembing is a former tin mining town that is the gateway for exploring a majestic waterfall, known for a rainbow formation along its cascade on clear, sunny days. Next, Sungai Pandan is another majestic waterfall at Panching, a popular weekend spot for locals to bring their families to picnic and swim. Gua Charas is a cave temple in Panching, hidden in a large oil palm plantation that houses a famous reclining Buddha statue. Further up north along the east coast, visitors can explore Kemaman, a coastal town famous for its coffee and seafood, along with firefly watching and a mini zoo.
Sungai Lembing Bukit Gambang Batik Village Turtle Sanctuary
Sungai Pandan Sungai Lembing Gua Charas Taman Teruntum Sungai Pandan
River Cruise Taman Gelora Taman Teruntum Gua Charas Kemaman
Kemaman Kemaman Taman Teruntum Gua Charas Kemaman